The d!nk Android app explained


After you log in to the Android app, you'll see the kiosk view:


  1. Kiosk list: tap the name of a kiosk to open the kiosk
  2. kiosk toolbar
    1. Show/Hide kiosk list: press this button to show or hide the list of kiosks
    2. Favorites: Select publications to add to favorite kiosk. Discover more...
    3. Send Publications: Select publications to send by email
    4. Sync icon: When the app is launched, the new content will be synced. While syncing, you will see the icon is turning. You can press the icon to start the sync and update your content.
  3. Name of the kiosk
  4. Collection: category of publications
  5. Download status: when a publication is downloaded and offline available, you will see a green check. An orange check indicates an update is available.
  6. Show confidential publications: press the lock to show the confidential (internal) publications

You just tap a cover to open the publication. Read all about the Publication toolbar

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