d!nk analytics explained


d!nk Analytics enable you to improve sales publications and coach users.

After you accessed the d!nk Analytics, you'll see the Enterprise Dashboard that contains all the information to give you insight in the actual usage of the sales publications.


  1. Sidebar to switch between Kiosk Analytics, Publication AnalyticsUser Analytics, Waterfall Statistics, System alerts stats, Surveywonders
  2. Shortcuts to show the list of kiosks, publications, users and user groups
  3. Overview of the sync status per kiosk. Clicking on the number will show you the users who have syncronized that percentage of the publications of the chosen kiosk.
  4. Quick view of the most used publications. Clicking on a publication datapoint will show the list of users that interacted with this publication on that day
  5. Quick view of the users' interaction, over all the publications. Select your time horizon to see last 3 months, last 6 months, last year or all time user interaction. Clicking on a user datapoint will bring you to the User Analytics
  6. View on the daily interactions of all the users. Clicking on a datapoint will show the users' and publications' interactions of selected day.



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