Configure the CRM integration


The d!nk CRM connector is a standardised module to connect your CRM system to d!nk for exchanging information: 

  • syncronise CRM Contacts with d!nk Customers
  • syncronise CRM Opportunities to register Activities with d!nk Session Information. Session Information contains all the information collected during a session with a customer: publications shown, collected surveys results, pictures. The app tutorial shows the power of the Customer Session for saving sales time.

Thanks to the CRM Connector, the connection to the CRM is a very easy configuration in the admin.

  1. Select CRM configuration in the sidepanel
  2. Select the CRM type (by default Dynamics OnPremise, Dynamics Online and are supported but other CRM systems can be integrated)
  3. please refer to the CRM Connector user guide for more information on the configuration


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