Access HTML package for debugging


When you are creating an interactive Powerpoint presentation using the d!nk Powerpoint plugin, a .dink file will be created on your local machine. The .dink file however does not contain any .hmtl, .css or .js, unless you added files yourself through our advanced HTML function. When you upload the .dink file on the file is processed and converted to an archive with .html, .css and .js files.

When developing/debugging for dink using our computations or advanced HMTL function, it can help to understand how your code is nested in the package and what other files are created by dink. You can access this package by using our app for Windows 8.1/10 OS.

  • Download our windows app from the Windows Store
  • Login with your user credentials, just like for iOS or Android app.
  • Download your .dink publication in the app.
  • Now go to your machines file explorer and go to C:\[name of user]\AppData\Local\Packages\dINKbvba.[number]\LocalState\content
    note: AppData is a hidden system folder, so make sure to unhide hidden folders
  • In this content folder, you will find a folder for your presentation file, which contains all your slides, code and collaterals. Foldername might not be corresponding to name of .dink publication, but you can identify the right folder based on creation date (= time of download/extract in app).
  • You will notice that many files are included. We include jquery scripts such as: and but you can easily find the up to date list in the folder.
  • Search for the "index_rt.html" file. This is the index file that is used by our windows app. Open this in your text/code editor and/or browser. Here you will find all slides, including the references/scripts you include through computations/advanced html.
  • If you modify this file and save it. Then CLOSE your dink windows app, restart it again and open your publication in the dink windows app, you can immediately test the changes you have made. This should help you to better understand what is going on, and how your changes are affecting the end result.
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