How to set up business groups


In order to map the access to the d!nk admin to the company structure, enterprise managers can set up 2 kinds of managers:

  • Kiosk managers have access to one or more kiosks, and can also create newsfeed messages and launch campaigns for the users of the assigned kiosks
  • Business Group manager has the same full access rights as an enterprise manager, but only assigned business group(s)

When to use Kiosk Managers and Business Group Managers?

When your enterprise has different products or regions, and you have different people providing content, then it makes sense to set up kiosk manager: each kiosk manager will be responsible for the content and communications but does not need to be involved in the general setup of the enterprise (CRM configuration, creating new users,...)

When your enterprise has stand-alone business groups that are independently managed, it makes sense to set up Business Groups. Each business group manager can then set the CRM configuration, assign users to kiosks and of course also manage the content.

To set up Buiness groups, follow these 3 steps:

1. create business groups: see below

2. assign kiosks to business groups: see below

3. define business group managers and assign business groups: Discover More...


1. Create business groups

Go to Business Groups in the enterprise panels. Click on "+" to create a new business group or select an existing business group to update the name.

Select the business group and click User Groups () to associate User Groups with Business Groups. Business Group managers assigned to a business group will be able to manage the users in the assigned user groups.

2. assign kiosks to business groups

In kiosk settings, the enterprise manager can assign kiosks to a business group. The business group managers assigned to this business group will have full access to this kiosk.


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