How to use the document generator


1. Create a new template

If you use the Document Generator for the first time, you can start immediately.

If you've made a template in the Document Generator before, you can choose whether you want to start from a new template or an already existing one.


                 start immediately                                           choose template or create new one



2. Insert different contents in your template 

On the right of the page you can find a menu with different contents you can drag and drop into your document.



3. Insert the results of your surveyquestions of a .dink file

To insert the results of surveyquestions, you need to drag and drop a textfield into the blanco field. Now you can drag and drop the results of your surveyquestions and insert them into your text.

 - The names of the fields can be found in your PowerPoint when you click on "edit element".

 - For multiple choice elements (multiple option checkbox , single option checkbox , dropdown), sliders and hotzones, you're able to add a certain text when something is selected.

1) select the field that you just dragged and dropped

2) this pop-up will appear

3) add values that should be displayed when the user has selected a certain option or didn't answer


4. Customize your template

You can add logo, header, footer and images to customize your template.

With the 'Page break' you can ad a new page to your template.

You can also include an external document by clicking on 'include pdf'


5. Create an email template and select who should recieve the e-mail with the attachment (PDF)


6. Watch the result

Fill out the questions in your survey and check the link in the email that was send to you to open the generated document.







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