Dynamic Value: create entries in external database


To insert dynamic value in your powerpoint, you need the extended version of the powerpoint plugin

After you have created a Dynamic Value database on the d!nk Portfolio Manager (details in this article), you can use these data in an interactive d!nk publication by using the Dynamic Value elements)

The Create Session magjet allows to create entries in a spreadsheet.

It is possible to add a new record to your database.



This record will have the same columns as the one in the spreadsheet.



When you click the component you need to choose a name and fill out the Enterprise Key. This enteprise key can be found when you open your enterprise on admin.dink.eu like in the screenshot below.



When you’ve filled in the enterprise key, clicking the “Fetch sheets” button will retrieve all sheets from the selected enterprise. You can now choose your spreadsheet.




It's possible to already pre fill a few values in this record by selecting the spreadsheet column and the survey element (Input label). This will take the value from that survey element and save it in the record when you create it.





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