How to use Regions to manage country specific publications


Use regions to only display the publications valid in the region of the sales person.

In d!nk it is possible to map the right publications to the right user based on language and geography. 

When users set their language in the app, they will only see the publications in the selected language. Read the article about setting languages.

By using Regions you can very easily control access to content based on country or regional differences. For instance: you have different prices for different regions with the same language, like UK, US and Australia. These users will select English to see only publications in English, but they should still see only the pricelist of their country/region.

By using Regions you do not need to create different kiosks for all the different pricelists.

Organize your content by using regions:

1. Create regions

2. Assign a region(s) to publications

3. Assign a region(s) to users

Users will only see the publications of their region(s)


Contrary to the use of Languages is the use of Regions controlled in the Portfolio Manager. Users cannot choose their region in the app. If users want access to a different region, they have to request a change of region with the enterprise manager.


1. Create regions

First you need to create the different regions of your enterprise.

  • Decide what the default region will be. You can choose "All Regions" as default or a specific region. This default region will be applied for new publications that are ingested via the Drive Sync.
  • When no regions are defined, the enterprise will be "region-agnostic". There will be no region setting for publications and users.


2. Assign region(s) to publications

Upload a publication and set a region for this publication. You can assign one or more countries to a certain publication.

You can also change the settings of an already uploaded publication.


3. Assign region(s) to users

You can choose to assign a region to a user or a usergroup.

  • You can assign multiple regions to one user. Users will see all the publications that are assigned to these different regions.
  • When users are part of multiple user groups, the will see take allthe regions assigned in the user group.



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