How to add publications to the "favorite library"


In the SalesMatik app you can work with favorite publications. This can be about publications in general that you use in most meetings or when preparing for a customer meeting in particular, so that you can select the publications of interest and put those in a personal library before starting the meeting.

This is how it works:

  1. Open your app and navigate to your libraries.

  2. Click on the favorites button = the star icon.

  3. Select publications to be added to the Favorite Library.

  4. Click on the favorites button again + hit 'OK'.
  5. Once publications are added to the Favorite Library, an additional library will appear in the list called "Favorite Library". 

To remove publications from your favorite library:

  1. In the Favorite Library, tap on the favorite button

  2. Tap the publication covers to un-select publications
  3. Click on the favorites button again.
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