Configure the enterprise settings


Click on Enterprise settings in the left menu, and the enterprise settings will display. In this screen you can set general settings of the d!nk application.

Note: Read here to set the iOS app colors.

  1. Depending on privacy policy, it is possible to require users to agree to the User Terms of Use when they log into the app. Click on the "Edit User Terms of Use" to adapt the default Terms of Use.
  2. Require a legal notice to be displayed to the user when a confidential (internal) publication is opened
  3. The message to be displayed on the Windows tile in the Windows start menu
  4. When PDFs with fillable (editable) fields are sent out by mail or added to the account hub, this setting offers the option to 'flatten' the fillable fields into non-editable text.
  5. 2-way user authentication adds a confirmation step to each user login
  6. The contact name and mobile are used for d!nk support
  7. This email disclaimer is added to all emails sent from the d!nk app
  8. In the app, it is possible to hide the kiosk names and only show icons
  9. The name of the app is used in communication
  10. For additional security, access to the app can be restricted to certain IP addresses, typically only accessible from VPN access. Format of IP addresses:  a comma separated list of strings without quotation marks, for instance:,
  11. Allow the Surveywonders visualisations of survey results to be accessible for users from the app
  12. Enable business groups in the enterprise. Discover More...
  13. Define the statistics on user level to be collected by d!nk: no user statistics, only aggregated statistics or detailed user statistics recording all usage events of all users.
    When user statistics are enabled, you can give users access to their own statistics. In the app, users will see an additional setting displaying the analytics of their interactions.


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