How to create subkiosks


If you want an extra subdivision in your kiosk to organise your publications more efficiently, you can create subkiosks.


1. Create a subkiosk

Go to your enterprise in the Portfolio Manager and open a kiosk, now press the "subkiosks" icon.

Press the (+) icon to create a new subkiosk.

Give the subkiosk a name.

  • The users that are assigned to your mainkiosk are automatically assigned to all your different subkiosks. To add some users to the main kiosk, read this article.
  • To change the icon of your subkiosk, read this article.

You can now see an overview of the subkiosks that you created.

Press the name of the subkiosk to open it.

You are now on the level of the subkiosk. Here you can upload publications. 
Choose in which collection you want to upload your publication. 

  • To create a new collection, read this article.


2. Create different levels of subkiosks

If you want a more detailed kiosk structure, you can create different levels of subkiosks. You can do this by creating a subkiosk in an existing subkiosk. This can be done upon to 5 different levels of subkiosks.

Open a subkiosk.

Press the 'subkiosk' icon.

Press the (+) icon to create a new subkiosk. Open the subkiosk and updload new publications. (See "1.Create new subkiosk" for a detailed description.)


3. Create subkiosks on Google Drive

You can organise your publications also in different subkiosks in your Google Drive Synced folder.

Open the Google Drive Synced folder.

Open a kiosk. You will see there's already a folder in this kioskfolder, named "subkiosks".
Open this folder. Here you can create new folders for your different subkiosks.

If you open the folder that you've created, you will see the same structure. You can create new folders to create collections, or you can open the 'subkiosks' folder to create subkiosks on a second level.



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