Overview of Developer Tools


The d!nk system has multiple ways to extend the interactive capabilities of the platform.

Extensive documentation to build specific HTML applications compatible with d!nk can be found here:

    1. custom javascript apps - like Angular apps - for the d!nk application are documented at https://github.com/dhemedia/dink-custom-app-docs
    2. As statistics is a popular topic, we've devoted the following article to the handing of them: https://dink4sales.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001319771
    3. the DKPlugin API is the d!nk javascript API that bridges the business app (JS webview application) with the underlying native d!nk platforms (webapp, android app, windows app, ios app). The DKplugin allows a business application to use the advanced capabilities of the d!nk app client and d!nk server communication. The DKplugin is documented at https://github.com/dhemedia/dink-dkplugin-api (and Github pages at https://dhemedia.github.io/dink-dkplugin-api/interfaces/dk.dkplugin.html)


This functionality has been outphased:

  1. Dynamic Value: load data from external databases into the d!nk publications. 
  2. Computations in d!nk PowerPoint plugin: add calculations based on the survey fields.
  3. Advanced HTML in d!nk PowerPoint plugin: add additional visualisations based on HTML to the publication created in Powerpoint.
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