Assign users to CRM configurations


It is possible to configure multiple CRM systems to integrate with d!nk CRM Connector (for instance sandbox environment and production environment or different business units using a different CRM system).

d!nk admins assign users to a particular CRM configuration, so when users login to the app, they will see the CRM configuration assigned to them without requiring any configuration on the user/app side.

Here's how to assign users to CRM configuration:


1. Select User or User Group
2. Enable the CRM. You will see 3 options:

  • Inherit: this user will take the default configuration
  • Yes: this user will take the configuration selected in the dropdown
  • No: this user will not have the CRM enabled

3. Click "Submit". At next sync, the d!nk users will see the assigned CRM configuration in their app.

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