Enable self-registration by users (iOS app)


For multi-country roll-outs, new users are registring on a daily basis. To automate the registration of new users, you can use the self-registry feature. 

With the self-registry function users can now self-register in the iOS app. Users choose their region and business group and automatically will get access to the assigned kiosks and publications.

To activate this self-registry function you first need to change your settings in the Portfolio Manager. You can only activate this function if your enterprise has at least one region and one business group. 

Go to your enterprise in the Portfolio Manager and navigate to "App IDs".

This article describes how you can enable App IDs.

  • Open the App ID linked to the app that you want to enable self-registry
  • Check the box of Active User Registration.
  • Select all the kiosks you want to link to the User Registration.



This article explains how users can self-register to the app



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