How to make a pop up in a presentation



Sometimes you want to give some extra information, such as a reference in a slide. You can show this information in a pop up field. 


1. Create hyperlink to pop up

First you have to choose where you want to give more information.

In our example, the user can press 'image' and will see the pop up.

Therefore you need to put a hyperlink on top of the word 'image' to another slide.


2. Create new slide with pop up

Duplicate your first slide. Insert a rectangle on top of your entire slide. Choose any color you want and change the transparency.

Insert another rectangle and write or paste your extra information in it.

Create an "x" icon to leave the pop up message and return to your original slide. 

Make sure you make the arrows of the duplicated slide red, so you can not swipe to this page.

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