Configure the content in the Portfolio Manager


Before assigning content to the courses, make sure you have linked the uploaded content to the Learning Library in the Portfolio Manager. 

To do so, open the admin portal and go to ‘Libraries’, turn on the switch ‘only learning libraries’ in the filter menu at the left hand side. (When you click on ‘Learning Content’ in the left navigation bar in the LMS, you will automatically arrive on the correct page of the admin portal.) 


Create a learning library by clicking on '+ Create new learning library' or work with the offered default library and assign the relevant content to it.

Once the content is linked to a learning library, it will become visible in the LMS to assign it to the relevant courses. 

If you want to upload a test, make sure to implement the following in your .dink file before uploading it:

  1. Check the box ‘Sales Readiness Test’ in the PowerPoint plugin when creating your test.

    A new slide will be added automatically to your presentation. This slide will be hidden and you don’t have to do anything with this slide.

  2. Insert all your questions (open question, multiple choice).  You will have to use the “display label” and  “Answer value” to connect the right answers to the LMS later on. We advice to work with simple values:

  3. On the automatically created slide from step 1, you will find a 'Submit'-button. When you have finished creating your test, you can put it on the appropriate place in your presentation (most likely the last slide) and customize it by selecting the button and clicking on ‘Edit Element’ in the plugin menu:



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