How to define User - Manager relations?


Before you can start defining the User - Manager relations, you need to assign the users to a Learning Plan. Read more... 

You can create user – manager relations in the LMS Admin Portal. These relations can be used for the evaluation reports. Managers will be able to evaluate all their employees. If an employee sends a request for an evaluation report, the manager will receive a message. 

To define this user-manager relation, you need to follow the steps bellow;


1. Create spreadsheet

Navigate to the Google Drive folder that is synchronized with your enterprise. You will find a folder that is called “SearchableSpreadSheets”. Open this folder and create a new google doc spread sheet, using following structure.



This table contains a set of Manager - User pairs. The managers are defined in the first column and the users are defined in the second column. A manager can manage more than one user, but each user can only have one manager.


2. Update spreadsheet in Portfolio Manager

Go to and select your enterprise. In the main menu you can select Dynamic Value.

Select ‘Dynamic Value’ in the menu and you will see following popup;

  • spreadsheet:       select the name of the Google Doc Spreadsheet that you just created
  • unique column:   choose ‘Useremail’
  • update column:   choose ‘All columns’

After you have filled out all the fields, press the ‘Update’ button. The spreadsheet data should be fetched.

Every time when you want to change a Manager-User relation in your spreadsheet, you have to follow this process.


3. Synchronization of users

User synchronization (with Manager-User relation fetching) is happening periodically every 30 minutes. But if you want to sync users manually go through following steps:

  • - Log in to LMS 
  • - Click on “Sync users”
  • - Popup opens with question: “Assign learning plans to users?” - There are two options:
    •  Yes: All users will be assigned to all learning plans for this tenant
    • No: Users will not be assigned to learning plans (this can be done manually)


After procedure is done, you can login in to the app as manager and you should be able to see your managing users.

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