Getting started with SalesMatik Learning


When the Learning module is activated for you, you will find the 'Learning'-icon at the right top on the landing page of the SalesMatik app:


After tapping on the icon, you will arrive in the Learning environment.
Straight away you'll see 4 blocks on the homepage that display:


Click on 'Your trainings >' to get started with your first session.

On the screen that opens you will see a list of the Learning Plans that are assigned to you, in this example 'The Road to Success' and 'Master Technology':


Each Learning Plan will contain different Courses.

  • If you need to handle them in the order they are displayed; only the first Course will be clickable, the other Courses will be 'grayed out' until the previous Course is completed: 


  • When the order of the Courses is up to your choice, they will all be clickable from the beginning:


To open a Course you click on it to find all related content:


Click on the 'Start'-button and go for it!

No time to finish the entire publication? No worries, we will remember where you stopped for the next time. Click on 'In progress' and choose 'YES' if you want to continue where you left off: 


When you finished the Content it will be marked as 'Completed'. You can still open it and re-read but if it was a test, the results will not change. 

Once you have completed all Content within one Course, the Course will be visible in your 'Completed trainings' on the homepage.



In the 'Progress' you can check

  • if you have so far completed an entire Learning Plan and
  • how much of the assigned Content you have completed so far.

Want to find out your 'Learning Position' within the company? 

At the right bottom of the homepage, you can check out how you are ranked

  • overall in the company,
  • for your specific country/region and
  • what the average points per user are.





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