How to create a new event



When you want to create a new event, you can choose to;

  1. fill out some main information
  2. assign a survey to the event
  3. give the event a logo
  4. add maps to the event
  5. add users to the event
  6. configurate the user data
  7. configurate the leads 


1. Fill out some main information


  • give your event a name (1)
  • choose a start date (2) and end date (3)
  • choose the event type (4)
    • customer meeting
    • customer training
    • event
    • internal meeting
    • internal training
  • choose where the event is taking place (5) (6)
  • choose a time zone (7)


2. assign a survey to the event

To evaluate an event or meeting, create a survey on SurveyMonkey and link it to the event/meeting.

First choose if you want to use an already existing survey or if you want to create a new survey.







3. Give the event a logo

Give your event a logo, this will be visible in the Event App.



4. Add maps to the event

Attach maps of the city, venues, hotel,… to the event.

You can view your maps (1) in the Event Admin Portal and delete them (2). (maximum size of PDF file is 3MB)



5. Add users to the event

You can assign users to the event (1). Once you’ve added users, you can send them a notification (2) by using the Event Admin Portal. You can only add users after you’ve created a new user in the “User tab”. 



When you want to add users to your event, you can;

  1. search specific users
  2. select multiple users
  3. select all users 
  4. select a specific user 
  5. save the selected users 



When you want to create a notification, you can;

  1. choose the notification type
    1. email notification
    2. in-app notification
  2. choose a title and message
  3. choose which users should receive the notification
  4. send the notification


6. Configurate the users data

When you invite users to your event, the users will receive an email with a link. When the users open the link, they will find a registration form.

If you want to change the fields of this registration form, you can edit them in the User Data Configuration tab. You can change the fields for both the Main Information (1) and Secondary Information Fields(2).

The information that the users will fill out in these fields, can be consulted in the Event App under the user’s profile.


7. Configurate the leads

When you create an event where customers will be invited to, you can use the tab Leads Configuration. By checking ‘Lead Capturing’ (1) you can enable the Lead function on your tablet (see chapter 3.4??). The user can no see a Lead tab on his Event App, this Lead tab can be used to fill out information of new leads. If you want some extra fields in your Lead Registration Form, you can add fields here (2).



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