How to manage users and administrators


 1. List of users

After you’ve created new users you can manage them in the List of Users. You can search a user (and filter them by event) (1), send a notification (2) and edit or delete  a user(3).



If you go to ‘edit user’ you can reset the password of the user.


2. Import list of users

If you already have a list with all the User information, you can import this with an excel file. You can only import lists of Users per event.

Importing a list from an excel file only works if you create your excel file with the same structure as shown here;

Make sure that, when you fill out a columns about flight and hotel information, that you have to write the exact same information that you used when you created your flights and hotels in the Event Admin Portal.

3. Create a user group

After you’ve created users, you can organise them in user groups. By creating User Groups you can very easily assign a list of users to a certain event or meeting. To create a User Group, you need to create a New Group first (1). Next your new User group will appear in the Group List (2). Here you can add users (3), manage or delete the group (4).


4. Create a new administrator

The Event Admin Portal can be managed by administrators. There are two different roles for the administrators. First there is the Administrator, he can manage and edit the entire Event Admin Portal. The Administrator can create new events and assign Event Administrators to them. Next you have the Event Administrators, they can only manage and edit the events that are assigned to them.


When you create a new admin, you have to fill out some general information (1); Email, Last name and First name, and you have to choose the admin role (2).


5. Consult a list of administrators

Once you’ve created new administrators you can manage them in the List of Admins. You can search an administrator (1) or edit or delete an administrator (2).




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