How to create and manage venues


1. Create a venue

To make clear where the different events will take place, you can create a venue. You can give the venue a name (1) and assign it to an event (2). Next you can give more specific information such as the venue type (3) (hotel, meeting room, restaurant), the location (4), if the venue has wifi or not (5) and the capacity of the venue (6).


2. List of venues

After you’ve created venues, you can manage them in the List of Venues. You can search for a venue by filtering on event (1). Next you can edit or delete the venue (2) or export it to an excel file (3).



3. Import list of venues

If you already have a list with all the venue information, you can import this with an excel file. This only works if you create your excel file with the same structure as shown here;


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