Create a new meeting



1. create meeting

2. list of meetings


Here you can create the meetings of your event. You can fill out the main information of the event;


  1. name (1)
  2. type (2)
    1. dinner, lunch, meeting, other, party
  3. date (3)
  4. where (4)
  5. start time (5)
  6. end time (6)
  7. location (7)
  8. capacity (8)

With the feedback option you can add a survey to ask for feedback of your meeting (9). By selecting Default, a standard survey will be used to ask feedback. If you want to create your own survey in SurveyMonkey you can choose Custom.

You can also add some extra information to the event (10).

When you have created a new meeting and saved it, you will be able to add users to your meeting (1) and send a meeting reminder to all the users of that meeting (2).



List of meetings

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