Windows app: debug information


In case of issues with the Windows app, following information helps our engineers to analyse the problem, find the cause and provide a solution.

Please send following information to

1. Debug file
This text file contains useful information about errors in the app. You can find this file debuglog.txt in the folder: 


[your_user_name] is the login that you use on your PC
[code] is a string of digits specific to your installation

Please attach this file to the email.

2. Screenshot of the dink content will give us insight if the d!nk content is correctly downloaded and unzipped to your PC.

in this folder:
you find many subfolders with a long string (like [ahVlfmRpbmsta2lvc2staHUYgICA0cOQuwgMJ...]. 

Please open at least 3 such a folders and take a screenshot of the contents and attach this screenshot to the email. If there are no subfolders present, please let us know.

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