The Sales Readiness App - tasks


There are different kind of tasks that can be assigned to a user;

1. Read courses

These are courses for which you have to read a certain document.


2. Watch courses

These are courses for which the user has to watch a certain document. This can be a video file or a video on YouTube

  • Video file

  • Video on YouTube

3. Do courses

  • Filling out Observation Reports

These are courses for which you have to do certain tasks, for example attending an operation and fill out an observation report of the operation.

You can;

  1. see the status of the observations report and the amount of observations that are already completed
  2. fill out the observation form
  3. submit the observation form


  • Requesting Evaluation Reports

You can request to be evaluated by your manager on a certain topic. To do so, you have to access your Learning Plan and selects the topic on which you want to be evaluated.

When you have to do a tasks which has to be evaluated by his manager, you need to send a request to your manager. You can do this by tapping the ‘NOT COMPLETED’ button. When the request is submitted this button will change to ‘REQUESTED’.

When you have finished your tasks and your manager has filled out the evaluation report, the status of the button will change to ‘EVALUATED.

Now you can consult the evaluation report in a ‘read only’ view.

  1. observations reports
  2. evaluation reports

4. Tests

Your learning process can be verified with some tests. The tests will evaluate your the knowledge of the courses.

You can;

  1. see the status of the test and the amount of attempts you have made to complete the test
  2. fill out the test
  3. go to the next slide 
  4. submit the test



When the user has completed certain tasks, he will earn a badge.

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