Types of Learning Content


There are different types of Content within the Courses that you find in the Learning environment. 

  1. Read Content
  2. Watch Content
  3. Do Content
  4. Test Content

Each Content is opened in the same way by clicking on the 'Start'-button at the right hand side (or the 'In progress' or 'Completed'-button if you have already started or finished the Content):


1. Read Content

These are courses for which you have to read Content, for example a PDF-document that you can go through from page to page:


2. Watch Content

Other Courses can contain a video or a link to a video online. 

If it's a link to an online video, you will be directed to a browser page which you can close again after watching the Content. If the video is uploaded in the app, you can open it and close it as you do for other Content.


Another possibility is to come across a presentation with recorded audio, to explain what you are seeing on the slides. The audio will start playing automatically on the relevant slides. 


3. Do Content

When your colleagues want you to fill out data, the content can be interactive with fields to complete: 



4. Test Content

Maybe your colleagues want to test the knowledge of what you have read or watched upon this point. To do so they can upload interactive test publications: 


After taking the test you can check

  • your score
  • the minimum required score to pass the test
  • your total number of tries so far
  • whether or not you have passed the test



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