Manage hotels


1. Add an hotel

You can provide your users with the current hotel information by adding a new hotel. If you create a new hotel you can;

  1. choose a name for the hotel
  2. choose an address
  3. assign the hotel to an event
  4. define the capacity per room type
    • single
    • double
    • twin
    • any (-)


2. List of hotels

After you’ve created hotels, you can manage them is the List of Hotels. You can search for an hotel by filtering on event (1). You can consult the amount of rooms that are available (2) and rooms that are already booked (3). You can also edit or delete the hotel (4) and export the hotels to an excel file (5).


If you choose to edit the hotel, you can find an overview of the capacity per room type (1). You can also assign users to room types (2) or delete users from a room (3).



3. Import hotels

If you already have a list with all the hotel information, you can import this whit an excel file. This only works if you create your excel file with the same structure as shown here;

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