How to use the Event app


When you open the dropdown, you can choose from different pages, you can navigate to a list of all the events that are assigned to you (1).

You can also select an event in the dropdown itself (2). Next you can navigate to more detailed information about this event;

  • your personalised agenda (3)
  • general information and maps (4)
  • expense request (5)
  • lead capturing (6)



1. All events

If you go to ‘All Events’, you will find an agenda (1). In this agenda you can see that some dates have a square, this means that you have an event planned on this specific date.

Next you can see a list of all the upcoming events that are assigned to you (2).

By clicking on the three dots (3) you can find more detailed information about the events. Here you can find some general information (4) about the event, like the event name, type, date and location. You can also can navigate to the meetings that are assigned to you for this specific event (5).


When you go to the meetings of your specific events, you will see the icon of the event (1), so you know in which event you’re navigating and looking. You will also see a list of all your meetings for this specific event (2), with some detailed information as the name of the event, the date, the time and place.



2. Agenda

When you choose an event in the dropdown menu, you can navigate to your personalised agenda for this specific event.


Here you will find a list of all upcoming meetings for the chosen event. If an event is blue, this means the event is happening at that exact moment.



3. General info and maps

When you choose an event in the dropdown menu, you can navigate to the general info and maps of this specific event.


Now you will see another dropdown menu, where you can choose the document that you want to see.


When you have chosen a document you can zoom in and out (1) and you can scroll down the page to read the entire document (2).


4. Expense request

When you want to report expenses you’ve made during the event, you can use the Expense Request.


5. Lead capturing

When you meet a new lead, you can fill out his personal information in the Lead Capturing Module.


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