How to create kiosks


Kiosks are the libraries of your app.

By creating multiple kiosks in your enterprise, you can organize your publications very efficiently.


Create a kiosk

Go to your enterprise and press the (+) icon to create a kiosk.
Give the kiosk a name, a screen name and a description.

Tip: You can also decide whether this publication is shown private or public. Leaving it as default, means it will be visible for both. 
Tip: add some users to your kiosk. Read more here.


Adding a kiosk Icon -

After you've created your Kiosk, it's time to add some assets (images) to it.
First you need to check your kiosk & press the image icon in the toolbar:

the kiosk icon gives your kiosk a graphical identity in the admin. The kiosk icon is also displayed in the kiosk list of the iPad/iPhone app. The kiosk icon is not used in the Windows app.

Tip: You can use software like Photoshop or Indesign to resize your image to the exact dimensions or use a free online tool like this.

Adding a Kiosk - background (! Only possible for Windows app)

Kiosk backgrounds are only used in the Windows app

Tips & tricks to create a kiosk background can be found here


Learn how you can delete kiosks

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