How to create users


A user is someone who can log in to your app and see the library of publications.

You can do this manually one by one, as described in the tutorial below or you can use our Batch User Upload.

You can download an example sheet If you want d!NK or another partie to upload/manage users for you.

Go to your enterprise

Add a user

Go to your enterprise and press ''users'' > "all users".

Next: press the "create" icon to add a user.

Fill in the right Email address. 

Additionally, you can fill in First name, Last name and Password. Customer listing allows you to decide if the user should only see their own customers, all or all except private customers.
Finally, you can enable/disable the CRM connection or put it on 'inherit'. This means that the settings on a higher level (for example user group or enterprise level) are copied.


Define what the user can access on his/her tablet
Choose wich kiosk the user can view.

Note: you can select/define multiple kiosks to a user.

If you want to insert a number of users automatically, go to our Batch user upload.

Give an existing users access to additional kiosks. Read more here.

Define multiple users to a kiosk. Read more here.

Learn how you can delete users here.

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