How to create managers


A manager manages the admin side of the app. He or she can add content, request insights, add or delete users and much more.

Note: only enterprise managers can create other managers

First go to the enterprise where you want to add managers. Click on "Managers".

Next click the "+" to create a new manager. You can also select a an existing manager to change the access rights.

Specify the type of manager you want to create or update.

  • Kiosk Manager controls the content and users in assigned kiosks. Discover More...
  • Enterprise Manager can manage the kiosk managers, business group managers, but also controls the content and users of all kiosks.
  • Account Hub Manager can manage all Account Hubs from assigned sales reps. Discover More....
  • Business Group Manager can manage all kiosks and users of assigned business groups. Discover More... 
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