How to upload a customer list based on a spreadsheet


To open customer sessions in the app, you'll need to ingest customers into your enterprise.

Those are the steps: 

1) Create a customer group

Go to your kiosk and press "customers" in the left menu. Next go to groups & add a group by clicking on the "+" sign in the upper right toolbar.

In this example we'll create the group customers named: "Prospects".

 2) Create a Google drive sheet

Create your customers in the way you see it below & copy the Google ID key as highlighted in the image:
You'll need to use our example sheet of Google drive to ingest multiple customers.
You can find it here
  • * Name: Fill in the name of the customer or opportunity
  • * Reference: Fill in an unique ID to track with your CRM
  • Status: Fill in the status of the customer (lead, hot lead, prospect..)
  • Viewers: The users who can view the customers. Fill in the viewers/users email address to make sure he/she can view the customer.
  • Segment: Define in which segment the customer participate
  • Region: Define in which region the customer operates
  • Email: Fill in the email of the user/viewer 
Columns indicated with "* "are mandatory to fill in. The others just need to have the column title (f.e. email)
Add additional values for customers
It is possible to add additional fields relevant to your business. 
You find an example here.
Take in mind that we have a maximum cap of 1500 rows.
You can call up this information in the app by using dynamic info and more values.

3) Ingest customers into your group
Check the group you've created and choose for ''ingest" in the toolbar.

3.1) Ingest customers into your group
Paste the Document key of your file and hit Submit.
4) Check if every customer is ingested correctly

Go to the "Main" tab in the left menu under "Customers" and see the list of customers appear.
You are now able to record sessions of the customers you choose*:
*You need to install the application after ingesting the customers. If you've the application installed already, you need to uninstall it and install it again in order to see the customers.
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