How to blacklist users


Blacklisting is hiding certain content from specified users.

1) Open your kiosk and check the publication that you want to hide from certain users.

In our case, we want to blacklist users on the publication called: 4-step deployment.

2) Click the user blacklist icon in the toolbar.


3) Select the user(s) that should be blacklisted from that publication.

We want to prevent '' to see the publication "3-Close-Commercials."

Press Submit.

Note: You can add multiple users at once (for example all French users, by seperating them with a semicolon (;);;

 4) To activate the blacklist, delete the users for who you have blacklisted publications from the kiosk and add them again.


Optional: you can check if everything is set up correctly at the users section:


Whitelist a user.

If you want to remove a user from the blacklist. You can whitelist him/her again.

Follow step 1 and 2. For step 3, uncheck the checkbox:

Now the publication "3-close-commercials." will be visible for


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