How to filter my content based on the customer


It's possible to filter the content you want to display based on the customer you select in the beginning of your presentation.

For example: A rep has 3 products to represent. Based on the customer that he selects when opening his app, the content filters to the product that is connected to that customer. That way, you can force certain content to be displayed in the app which makes it easier to present your product.

1) Create your customer list

It's important that you fill in the right segment, we will use this to filter out the right content in step2.

You can find a predefined customer list here.
Read the tutorial about customers here.

(1) The name of your customer
(2) Reference to link to your CRM 
(3) Viewers are the users who can select the customer in the list
(4) Segment your customers in your own segementations. F.e. Psychiatrist, Neurologist, Doctor..
(5) The region of your customer
(6) Email of the customer

2) Upload your customer list to your Enterprise
Filter your publication per Segment or Customer

Go to your kiosk and check a publication. Press the "Customer Blacklist icon" in the toolbar.


You'll than have the choice to filter per Segment that you created in step1 or simply check the customers who need to be blacklisted from that publication.

Press submit to finish, you have now filtered specific content per customer or segment.


Edit your customers / viewers

You can easily edit the list of your viewers for each customer. First go the the customers tab and select "all customers":


Next, select a customers name(1), press the viewers settings icon (4). 

you can see the connected Reference(2) for your CRM and the amount of viewers per customer(3).

Your viewers are the users in your enterprise. If you have selected "Only allowed customers" when creating the user. You need to define the customers in order to see customers in your customer session on the app.


Next: An overview of viewers/users will come up:

Select or deselect the users to let them be able to select the customer for a customer session. 

Press submit to finish.


Final: View the results in your app.
First: open your app and you'll notice the customer icon in the toolbar(1).
note: you need to be able to view at least 1 customer.

A list of customers will be at your disposal (2), when you press a customer, it will display the Status, Region and Segment fields (4). Per each customer, you can add a note(3). Press the "Start session" button (5) to start your customer session and begin the content filtering.


During a customer session, the icon will be indicated in green(1). Immediately, the content will be filtered for the customer you've selected(2)

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