How to restrict confidential documents


dINK thinks about your privacy, that's why we ensure no outsiders can read confidential documents.
(for example; competitor profiles, internal price lists..)

We provide for each document the accessibility option to put the document on confidential or to public, as displayed below:

In this case we will put the document to confidential mode. By checking the document (1) and clicking the settings button (2) in the toolbar. Next we switch the Accessibility option to confidential (3) and finish with pressing the Submit button.

Public / Private 

Setting the option to confidential(1) will hide the document from the public view and disable the email function. This option is best to be used with documents that are for internal use only(2).


Tapping the confidential document, will pop up a Legal Notice:

More information about the Legal notice can be found here.

Note that the confidential option has disabled the send by email/ add to Account Hub function.

If you want to disable all mail / account hub options for a publication, please read this Faq.

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