How to set up a legal notice for your publications


A legal notice is an important part of the confidentiality in a company. It's a line of text that informs the user what can or cannot be done with the document before downloading it.
More information about a legal notice can be found here.


Create your Legal Notice

1) Press the Legal Notice tab in the menu of your enterprise:

2) Create a Legal Notice by pressing the '+' sign.

3) Choose your language, fill in your Legal Notice's text and check the Active option*.

*Only 1 legal notice can be active at a time.


Activate your Legal Notice

4) After creating your Legal Notice, you need to active it in the 'edit' section of your enterprise:


5) Check the Legal Notice option and press Submit.

All users who try to download confidential documents, will receive a Legal Notice. 

Read how you can set your documents to confidential here.

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