How to upload users automatically


When you need to add a lot of users to an enterprise, it's often advised to use our batch user upload/ingest. By doing so, you can add all your users and define them to a kiosk in one single click. 

Step1: Go to "users" in your enterprise and select "all users"
In this example we'll use the ''d!nk NV" enterprise.

Step2: Press the "Ingest Users" button


Step3: Open the ingest-format file and make a copy of this list


Step4: Add the right email adresses you want to ingest in your enterprise in column A

As an option you can also add a Firstname and Lastname (in column B & C). This is an option, since you can change this in the application itself as well.

Also the Password in column D is only an option. In the app upon first login you'll always get a screen where you can "create your password". When ingesting this sheet to with a password, this password will be given automatically to this user.

! If the user already exists on admin, no passwords will be overwritten. The old password still remains at this time.


Step5: Place the key into the batch user field.


After inserting the list of users, they will be visible in the userlist and you can give them access to the right kiosk of your enterprise.

 ! Side note: When you insert users in the "all users" overview, they will be added individually.
If you want them to be added to a group, it is best to go to Users > Groups > Select the Group and then ingest.


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