How to use the mail option in the d!nk PowerPoint plugin

The Send Email function can be used to send pre filled emails with dynamic information that you gathered during your customer meeting. This function requires internet connection.
When clicking the email option, we can choose from 2 email types (1):
  1. use device email: mail is sent by the default of the device (ipad mail, windows mail, android mail)
  2. Send email from dink: mail is sent by the dink emailing system (FROM will be
    1. Fill out your email address in the From field. In the mailbox of the recipient your name will be displayed (the underlying From address will still be
    2. Fill out your name and email address in the Reply to field. The recipient will be able to reply directly to your email address.


 The other fields are the same for both sending options:
  1. Define the to, cc and subject fields.
    1. Fill out an exact email address
    2. Send the email automatically to the user email. This is the mail address linked to the user that is logged in to the d!nk app.
    3. Send the email automatically to the input of a survey element. You can select multiple fields.
  2. Pre-fill the subject of the email.
  3. Pre-fill the body of the email.
  4. Insert the input of a survey result.


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