How to use the mail option in the d!nk PowerPoint plugin

When clicking the email option, we can choose from 2 email types (1):
  1.  dink email sender: mail is sent by the dink emailing system (FROM will be
  2.  default email sender: mail is sent by the default of the device (ipad mail, windows mail, android mail)
Use the dink email sender
With the dink email sender, an email is pre filled and will be send as soon as you hit the email icon. This function requires internet connection.
  1. Select the d!nk email sender
  2. The fields that have the 'user input' checked, will be prompted before sending out the email. 
    That way, you can send the same content to different receivers (event invitations, results of a presentation to different managers, a notification for different team members..) or different content to the same receiver(s).(1 email that collects all data from different teams or sales calls).
  3. Insert Fetch value into content enables you to fetch value from your presentation and insert it directly into your email. For example a name or email address of your customer.
  4. Make the email button visible or use it as an invisible button.
Example: checking the user input next to the From field, will give me the popup below, when pressing the email button.
Use the default email sender
When using the default email sender, your default email application will open to be filled in by the user.
  1. Use the default email sender: your email application on your tablet will be used to send the emails.
  2. Define the to, cc and subject fields.
  3. Insert user input based on previously defined input fields.
  4. Show the envelope icon or make it invisible.
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