Sending your presentation by mail


The 'Send Email'-function can be used to send pre filled emails with dynamic information that you gathered during your customer meeting. 

When clicking this option in the menu, 


 you can immediately choose from 2 email options in the top of the pop-up

  1. Use device email - Your mail will be sent by the default mail app of the device you are working with.
  2. Send email from d!nk - Your mail will be sent out from


The remaining fields are identical in setup for both sending options:

  • Define the 'To' and 'CC' field.
    You can enter an exact email address or click on 'user-email' or any other survey element that is displayed here to send the message to the relevant contact. 

  • Enter the 'Subject' of your message.

  • Fill in the Body text for more info.

  • Insert the input of any previously entered survey results.


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