How to export your interactive PPT to your application

1. Create the d!nk file.
Press the 'Create'-button in the d!nk menu and your PowerPoint will be exported into a .dink file.

2. Upload the d!nk file
Once you've created a .dink file of your presentation you can upload it.
2.1. Using a synced Google Drive 

Save the .dink file in a Google Drive folder, that is synced with our platform.

  When you've synced your drive folder successfully, you'll now see the d!nk Portfolio Manager publish your presentation in the synced kiosk and in the right collection.

2.2. Manually

If you do not have Google Drive synced, you can still upload your .dink file manually.

  1. Go to the Portfolio Manager via the link

  2. Press the New publication button and choose "Interactive Publication (.dink)"

  3. The following pop-up will be shown where you can choose the right 'Kiosk' & define the 'Display title' for the publication.

  4. Select the .dink file from your computer and press the 'Submit'-button

  5. You can view the publication in your kiosk, when it's uploaded to the platform.

  6. After a few seconds, the publication will be published automatically to the app and visible on your tablet.


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