The Portfolio Manager explained


[This article explains the Portfolio Manager 2.0. Click here for the new Portfolio Manager 3.0]

After you have logged in to, you will enter the Portfolio Manager:


1. in the left panel, you have:

  • Your company logo, that you can brand yourself. Learn more.
  • A favorite button, to call up your favorite enterprises or kiosks.
  • A tutorial button, to go directly to our support website.

2. In the middle you have your Enterprise(s)

This is the name of your company where the content creators will work in.

3. At the right you see an overview of your Kiosks.

Mostly these are the teams of your company. You can create as much kiosks as you want.

4. At the top you see links to the support site

When you click on your Enterprise, you will see the following:

1. All your actions will start from here, you can:

2. An overview of all your kiosks

3. An overview of all your publications per kiosk.

From this view you'll be able to watch survey results on publication level and add a Document Generator that allows you to create beautiful documents which can be send to your customers on the spot.

You can also see how many publications are "owned" and "external" (shared to).
When you hover over "owned" or "external" you will be able to see the names of the publications and open them from that view.



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