How to make the plugin tab visible in my PowerPoint after installation


It is possible that your PowerPoint needs a small change in the settings before adding any newly installed plugins to your toolbar.

With these steps you can manually add them:

  1. Open PowerPoint and go to 'File'


  2. Choose 'Options'


  3. Open the 'Add-ins'-menu and select 'PowerPoint Add-ins' in the dropdown at the bottom of the pop-up screen. Press 'Go...' next to the dropdown to continue: 


  4. Activate the checkbox next to 'Dink': 


  5. Now the SalesMatik tab should appear in your PowerPoint menu's at the top of your screen: 


  6. If the 'Dink'-add-in is not displayed automatically, you can try adding it manually by clicking 'Add New...' in the empty add-ins screen: 


    And then browsing to the correct location of the file you have downloaded for the installation. 

If the above did not help you out, the installation will probably be blocked by your IT departement and the installation will only work with the correct administrator rights on their end.



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