I do not see the d!nk Plugin in my PowerPoint after installation.


It could be that your PowerPoint needs a small setting before adding newly installed plugins to your toolbar.

This is how you manually add them:

1) Open your PowerPoint and press File


2) Go to Options

3) Press Add-ins and choose for 'PowerPoint Add-ins' in the dropdown. Press Go.

4) Check the checkbox next to Dink.


5) Notice that the d!NK tab will appear as soon as you check the Add-in. Press close to finish.

Still can't find the d!nk add-in?

Than this may be blocked by your IT and they should install the plugin using administrator rights.

You can also try to add it manually:

Press Add New in the empty add-ins screen:

Browse to the correct file:

C > Program Files > dINK > dINK PPT Plugin

Still having problems viewing the dink plugin in your PowerPoint?

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