How to manage your content using Google Drive sync


After your enterprise is set up by your Customer Success Manager, you will see a "Kiosks" folder in the synced folder structure in Google Drive.

Using this "Kiosks" folder, you can easily manage all your content on the application using the regular folder structure in Google Drive.

d!nk will automatically scan all sync folders every 24 hours and consequently publish the new publications and remove deleted publications. You can also manually sync the folders, as explained here.

Note: the syncing only works in direction Drive -> d!nk. Publications manually uploaded on the Portfolio Manager will not be synced back to Drive.

Basic setup

After the Customer Success Manager shared the synced folder with your Google Drive account, you have a folder on Google drive with the name of your enterprise. In that folder you have the kiosks structured in folders. 

In order to make full use of the power of the Google Drive syncronisation, we recommend to install Google Drive on your computer as explained here, and then add the d!nk folder to your Drive. Then the d!nk folders will sync to your PC and uploading of publications becomes as easy as copying files on your PC/Mac.


The Google Drive view:

The Portfolio Manager view:


When you create a new kiosk, make sure to check Sync type : Google_drive. You don't need to provide a Drive Folder ID, this is created automatically.

After you hit Submit, the new kiosk will be created on d!nk Portfolio Manager and a new Kiosk folder will be added in Google Drive in a matter of seconds.

Hint: if you want to access directly to the Drive folder linked to a kiosk, you can use the "Open" link next to the kiosk name.



Collections are automatically created by adding a sub-folder inside a synced kiosk folder. The collection will have the name of the folder.

We will have the collection 1, 2 & 3 in the kiosk called Team A.

Uploading content
When you add publications to the synced folders (on or on the synced folders on your computer), these will automatically be uploaded to the platform and shown in the application.

Make sure to upload the publications into the Collection folder. If uploaded into the kiosk folder, the d!nk platform will use a 'default collection'.


d!nk will scan the synced folders every 24 hours and your new files will be available automatically.

You can also force a manual synchronisation; Learn how you can manually force your kiosk to look for newly added content here.

In the App

When opening the application, all content that was dragged and dropped into the synced Google Drive folder, is now available on the tablet.



Find out how you can share your synced folder with different managers here.


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