How to create an open question

1. Fill in your question, the survey label & excel label will be automatically filled in. These are used to capture the data.
2. Default answer: this is the default answer of the open question. 

You can use shortcode to ingest the current date, day or month as a default value in an open question as well. Some examples can be found here:
Current day: {{current_day}}
Current month: {{current_month}}
3.Select if the answer can only be:
- Text
- Numbers
- Date field
- Display as text area. This is for multiple lines.
Or even if the question is mandatory or not: Check the mandatory box if the question is mandatory. This will make a input validator appear on your PowerPoint. Put this on top of your submit button to check if the mandatory question is completed or not. Discover how.
4. Connect the open question with Dynamic value.
5. Set dynamic info: load additional customer information in the open question 


Discover more survey options:

- The basic survey options: multiple choice, dropdown & radio button. Learn more.
- A slider rating bar. Learn more.
- A submit button. Find out how.
Do not forget to create a submit button in your presentation in order to collect the data from the survey. Learn more here
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