Creating an open question


Click on the 'Open Question'-button in the menu:


So that the pop-up appears to setup the details of your question field: 


  1. Fill in 'The Question'- field first. The 'Display Label' will automatically be filled in for you and will be used to capture the data and potentially work with the result of this question in another d!nk element.
    If you prefer to create and lay-out the question straight away in PowerPoint, you can leave this field empty but then make sure to fill in the 'Display Label' - which is a required field to identify this element.

  2. 'Default answer': if there is a relevant value you already want to display for this question.

  3. It is also possible to ingest dynamic info as default answer. For example the current date: 


  4. Select one of these parameters to define the type of answers that can be given (Text, Numbers, Dates, Text Area - to allow enters).

  5. By activating the checkbox below you can define whether or not the question is mandatory. 
    If the question is mandatory, an 'input validator' will be generated on your slide in PowerPoint which you can put on top of your submit button to grey it out until the question is completed.
  6. Connect the open question with Dynamic value - only applicable/possible if setup in the backend for your company.

Result in the app



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