Creating a submit button


In order to collect data from your surveys you will need to insert a 'Submit button'. It will also give you the option to send this data to a general email address, the user and/or third parties. 

Click on 'Submit Button' in the menu: 


So that this pop-up appears:


  1. Define the 'Sending Message' that is shown to the user while sending the data and the 'Success message' that is shown when it is sent out succesfully.

  2. Guide the user to a specific slide after submitting.

  3. If activated, the submit button will change into a transparent 'hotzone' to fit in every design that you can drag and drop on top of your own custom created submit button or logo.

  4. Reset all fields after submit so that you can start a new session with someone else.

  5. Define if and how you want to share the gathered information. 
  6. Attach a generated PDF = a screenshot of the current slide will be added to your message.

  7. Compose your own custom subject and email message.

  8. You can insert dynamic info into your email by inserting input from other elements and adding them to your email body.


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