How to upload your interactive d!NK file manually


You can upload your interactive PowerPoint without using Google drive by manually uploading the .dink file to the platform.


1) Create your dink file

After you've clicked "create" in the PowerPoint plugin, the following questions will be asked or notifications will be given:


  • Is the aspect ratio set correctly?

  • Where do you want to save the .dink file?

  • .dink file has been created



After you've been through these steps you can upload your .dink file.


  1. Go to

  2. Press the New publication button and chose for (Interactive Publication (.dink))

  3. The following screen will be shown:

    Choose the right Enterprise, Kiosk & define the right Display name for the publication.

  4. Select the .d!NK file from your computer & press the Submit button

  5. You can view the publication in your kiosk, when it's uploaded to the platform.

  6. After a few seconds, the publication will be published automatically to the app and viewable in your tablet.

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