How to build custom forms


You can create your own intake forms, order forms or even contracts using the d!NK PowerPoint plugin. In this example, we will show you how you can easily set up a contract by asking a few questions, let it sign using the digital signature and generate a PDF out of it.

The Case: MediCure 
We will generate a contract of the company called: "MediCure" where the person signing the contract, needs the fill in the following questions:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Street
  • Date
  • Number of sales people
  • Signature.

Creating the PowerPoint presentation

We start by creating the presentation. We use Open Questions to let the user fill in his or her credentials.

*Notice that we select the option 'Make mandatory field', by selecting that, we create an input validator that checks if all mandatory fields are filled in. 

In order to have this working, we need to put it above a submit button or link. This will generate an un-clickable field in the app. If all mandatory fields are filled in, the validator will disappear.

Adding a Date field
You can insert a date field by using the open question and selecting 'Date':

Adding a slider
To add more functionality to your contract, you can introduce sliders.

Creating the summary slide
We create a summary slide using the Fetch Value function. We than fetch the value of all previously answered questions and display it in 1 summary slide.


Adding the Digital Signature
Using the Digital Signature function we can ask the user to sign the contract on the spot.


Adding the Submit button.
Last but not least, we use the submit button with it's great features to finish our contract form.
In this case we need these features:

  • Return to the beginning of the presentation (story1) when we've sent the contract.
  • Make the button transparent so we can customize it with a blue send button.
  • Generate a PDF of our summary slide
  • Send the PDF with the contract (we put the contract in as a Prefix PDF) in attachment.

How the summary slide looks in PowerPoint

How it looks in the app


How the final contract (attached in the generated email) looks.

First we have our contract that we added as Prefix. On the last page we have our summary of our answered questions wit the signature, generated in 1 PDF document.

We've used the 'display customer' function to make the Medicure case even better! Find out more.

You can download the final result of the form here


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