How to use the "display customer" function


Display the name of the customer in front of you.

For this function you need to have customers assigned to your enterprise. explained in this tutorial.

Add the display customer function in your presentation: 

We will continue the case of Medicure, where we explain how you can create your own form. But this time, we delete the part where we ask the customer's name and use the 'display customer' function in stead.

A red customer name field will appear: Drag and drop it in the desired location.

Note: the display customer name will be in red if it's set to mandatory. Otherwise it will be in green.

Use it on the tablet: Start a customer session

Now you're ready to start your customer session: click the customer icon & select the customer you want to start the session with.
In our case we have our 'Neurologist' as a customer.

The green customer icon will inform you that your session is running:

3.3) Open the presentation

Now you don't need to type in the name of the customer, it's already captured from the session that you started:


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